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Experience is Key to Our Animal Removal Success in Cape Coral, FL

Trust AAA Wildlife Trapping & Removal Services for Best Results

Have you heard noises in your Cape Coral, FL attic, walls, garage, kitchen cabinets or basement? You are pretty certain that some kind of animal has slipped into your home, and you are wondering whether to take on getting rid of the critter by yourself. AAA Wildlife Trapping & Removal Services highly recommends hiring us to rid your home of the unwanted visitors. Some wildlife can be dangerous, harbor diseases and be very difficult to evict from your home, but owner Alfredo Fermin is experienced, tenacious and persistent in his approach on animal removal. Give him a call today at (239) 440-7783.

We Trap the Wildlife Instead of Killing Them

Many animal and pest control businesses will kill the animals and pests that have started to take up space in your home. AAA Wildlife Trapping & Removal Services does not do that. We go out of our way to safely trap the raccoons, snakes, rats, iguanas, opossums or any other animal that have slipped through an opening looking for a place to sleep, eat or take care of their young. Once they have been caught, we take the critters or reptiles away, and release them into their natural habitat.

Ridding Your Home of Dead Animals

Sometimes the animals in your home in Cape Coral, Punta Gorda or Naples have already died, and their stench has made the home uninhabitable. It is not easy at times, but Alfredo will find the dead animal by crawling through tight and dirty spaces in your home or opening a hole in a wall or insulation, and he will recover the dead animal from the space. He will dispose of the animal, and after airing out the home, the stench will be gone.

Rest Assured that Our Rates Are Very Affordable

You would think that because AAA Wildlife Trapping & Removal Services is so successful in getting rid of unwanted visitors our rates would be expensive. That is certainly not the case. Our services are very affordable, and we offer free estimates on our projects. We provide an outstanding five-year warranty on our repair and animal proofing services for your home. You can rest assured that we are licensed and insured, so contact us today if you need an animal removed from your home.

What our Customers Are Saying About Us

“I will recommend Alfredo to anyone who is having problems getting rid of unwanted animals from their home. I had a mother raccoon and her babies nesting in my roof. My home was a difficult one, but he got her out. He is honest, reliable and more than fair. He doesn’t quit until the job is done. His communication is great. He works 24/7 and comes to check on the situation every day. He is compassionate and removes the animal in the most humane way possible. He educates you about the situation as he goes along and never seemed bothered by my phone calls and text messages. Use AAA Wildlife Trapping and you won’t be sorry!”

- Thomas P. from Google

“Thought we had a possible rat problem above the garage. Alfredo came out, and it turned out to be gecko droppings instead. He could have easily said it was rats and charged for services, but he didn’t. His honesty and integrity assured me that should I ever have a need to trap and remove an animal, he will get my call and business. If you’re not sure whether or not you have a wildlife pest problem, I highly recommend calling. You will get an honest, friendly consult to make your decision.”

- P.H. from Google

“Had both rats and raccoons in my attic. AAA Wildlife Removal got them out of the attic and then carefully sealed all the holes where they had gotten in. Very knowledgeable, prompt, detailed and reasonable in cost. Also offered a lengthy warranty that others do not. Highly recommend!”

- Dennis G. from Google