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Wildlife Trapping and Removal in Charlotte County, FL

Getting Rid of the Nuisance Animals in Punta Gorda, FL

Have you discovered that your home or property in Charlotte County, FL is being used as a home or breeding ground by nuisance wildlife? In that case, you need to call AAA Wildlife Trapping & Removal Services. Owner Alfredo Fermin, who has over 10 years of experience in the field, removes pesky critters as safely and humanely as possible. We do not kill the animals. Our trapping process provides a non-poisonous method that is safe for all animals. Let us help you keep your family in Punta Gorda, FL safe from any unwanted animal nuisance and possible disease. We will trap and capture the wildlife in your Punta Gorda, FL home, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, release them into their natural habitat, and animal proof and repair the damage done by the wildlife. Call us at (239) 440-7783 for our services.

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We End Your Rat Problem in Port Charlotte, FL

Rats in the home bring fear, dread, frustration, and sometimes illness to those living there. You might have heard the scurrying and scratching in the ceiling or the walls as you lay in bed awake at your Port Charlotte, FL home in the wee hours of the night. Rats are climbers, and they will often infiltrate your home and scurry to the attic, the space above your ceiling or stay in the walls. If they are not dealt with quickly, your home could be filled with them. For example, Roof Rats, the most common rats in Southwest Florida, give birth to about five to eight young, and they may have up to four litters a year. Do not let that happen! Contact AAA Wildlife Trapping & Removal Services to get rid of the rats.

You Do Not Have to Put Up with Iguanas in Englewood, FL

When you live in Englewood, FL, or really anywhere in Southwest Florida, you have to deal with iguanas. In fact, there are thousands of these wild lizards roaming around the region. Green iguanas, which are the most common in Florida, can grow to almost five-feet long and weigh close to 20 pounds. While iguanas can be found mostly outside in yards, driveways, near water, and trees (they like to climb), they have been found in attics and other areas of the home. Iguanas will burrow deeply into yards to lay 20-71 eggs per year, ruining the lawns. When you need to get iguanas removed from your home or property, call AAA Wildlife Trapping & Removal Services.