Snake Trapping and Removal in Cape Coral, FL

We Safely Capture and Remove Snakes in Your Home and Property

If you are like most people, you do not want to be anywhere near snakes. Unfortunately, Florida has an abundance of the slithery creatures, with about 45 species of snakes residing in the state. Of that total, four venomous snakes species can be found in Southwest Florida. Snakes feed on small prey, including rats and mice, so they are beneficial in that way, but they can become a problem when they hang around your property or somehow slip into your home. AAA Wildlife Trapping & Removal Services has experience in capturing snakes, removing them from properties in Cape Coral, FL, and the surrounding area. Call us at (239) 440-7783 at any time to safely and humanely get rid of snakes.

Venomous Snakes Found in Southwest Florida

• Cottonmouth / Water Moccasin

• Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

• Pygmy Rattlesnake

• Coral Snake

Water moccasin found in Florida

Let Our Professionals Handle Snake Removal

Unless you know exactly what the snake you are encountering is, it is best not to try to capture or kill the reptile yourself. If it is venomous, like the coral snake, whose venom is the most potent of any North American snake, the bite could be deadly if you do not get to the hospital quickly. Snakes will often choose fleeing trouble when they are encountered, but they will defend themselves. Let the professionals at AAA Wildlife Trapping & Removal Services rid your home or property of snakes. Contact us today for our expert trapping and snake removal.

Coral snakes can be found in Florida

Helping You Prevent Snakes from Returning to Your Home

After we capture the snake on your property in Lee County, Charlotte County or Collier County, we safely transport the reptile to an area outside of your town. We can also help you prevent snakes from taking up residence on your property or in your home again. If the snake has entered your home, we will find the entrance and close it up. If the snakes are outside on your property, we recommend clearing out debris, keeping bushes and plants trimmed and filling in any gaps under concrete or rocks.